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We spend 90% of our time indoors.

Is the air in
our buildings
making us sick?

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Indoor air pollutants put our health at risk every day.

Inside our workplaces, homes and schools, exposure to air pollutants can be 2x to 5x worse than outdoors due to poor ventilation rates and underperforming HVAC systems. These pollutants can cause coughs, headaches, fatigue and more health problems.

The EPA’s Science Advisory Board ranks indoor air quality (IAQ) among the top five environmental risks to public health.1

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$150 billion

Poor air quality contributes to $150 billion in illness-related costs per year.2

36,000 schools

An estimated 36,000 schools nationwide need HVAC repairs and upgrades.3

2x cognitive function

Workers in offices with low levels of pollutants have 2x the cognitive function of those in offices with average levels of the same pollutants.4

900 parts per million

A buildup of carbon dioxide impairs cognitive learning. Reducing carbon dioxide levels from 2,300 ppm to 900 ppm could boost student test performance by 5%.5

Find an HVAC Professional

It takes a highly trained HVAC professional to conduct a Ventilation Verification, test and balance an HVAC system, or repair and replace it. If you care about the air you and your tenants breathe, your search for cleaner air starts here.

Our buildings need to breathe.

Higher ventilation rates improve air quality…

Funding is available.

More people are paying attention to what’s in the air, which means there are more funding opportunities for HVAC system improvements in your school district or building.

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